Friday, February 24, 2012


    The Barangay Baligang starts with short income. Its Internal Revenue Allotment has increased continuously up to this year. Its progress started because of its leaders who performed responsibly and accountably to their duties. 

One of those priorities of the Barangay council respectively is to maintain the progress of the Barangay, whether it regards on the Development for Health Services, Infrastructures and facilities, Sports development, Livelihood programs and Calamity preparedness programs.  Every year the Barangay has its projects on its mandated priorities, there are the so called sub-divisions of the programs and project in the barangay, those are the mandated by the City Administrations; mainly in the offices of the City Mayor, City Budget, City Accountant and other agencies and offices. 
        Those pictures slide shown above are just few of the activities the barangay handled.There are several projects implemented completely such as the Water tanks for the water sufficiency and potability, School fencing for the safeguards of the students,Barangay Covered Court for sports and other activities, the Newly constructed Barangay Stage for multiple uses, solar dryers for agricultural uses and many more. Those project could not be possible without the sincere support of the  City Administration with the leadership of City Mayor Hon. Linda P Gonzalez and her councils. Indeed, the Gonzalez family started this great innovations of the Barangay Baligang. Transparency is their first priority. They are a good leaders that serves a mirror from the town proper down to barangay areas.